Fear & Anxiety Management

Little Kaizen

The starter tour is the perfect introduction to one of our clinics and includes oral health games, clinic fun exploration, Be-A Dentist role play, Kids Club, comprehensive oral health examination, oral health analysis and much more.

The purpose of this interaction is for your child to get familiar with our staff and learn visiting a dentist is fun and pain-free. During the first visit we will always avoid any potentially stressful situations.

Our friendly staff will make sure this visit will be so much fun, your child will want to come back – over and over again. And that is where the dental care should start.

  • Tell-show-do

    We adhere to the Tell/Show/Do approach. In the Tell phase, we provide an explanation of the procedure that’s suitable for the individual’s age. The Show phase involves demonstrating the procedure up to the point just before it’s performed. Finally, in the Do phase, we proceed with the treatment itself.

    We use age appropriate terms to describe our procedures. You may hear your child describe things using some of the following words:

    Kid friendly terms

    Tooth Pillow
    Tooth Ring
    Princess tooth/superman tooth

  • Friendly and homely environment

    Our dental clinic boasts a range of toys and tools designed to create a homelike atmosphere, including amenities like an in-room television, vibrant wallpaper, and beloved toys your children adore. These elements ensure your child feels at ease and right at home during their visit with us.

  • Painless injection

    At Kaizen Dental, we implement state-of-the-art technology, including a distinctive computer-controlled drug delivery injection system featuring Dynamic Pressure Sensing (DPS) technology. This innovative system ensures safer and virtually painless administration of local anesthetics, minimizing discomfort and numbness.